Sunday, October 24, 2010

FO: Sea Silk Traveling Woman

My mom gave me a skein of Handmaiden's Sea Silk about 2 years ago, after several years of lusting over the product. As knitters tend to do with coveted yarn, I hoarded it until I thought I found the perfect pattern.

I loved the Traveling Woman Shawl I made for my mom so much that I decided to make myself one, too. Paired with the Sea Silk, the FO is beautiful and wearable.

I did make some mods to the project. I knit extra stitches in the garter portion to give me an extra repeat of the first lace pattern. Then I knitted an additional repeat of chart A, to make a bigger shawl. Naturally, I made no calculations, only guesstimates, and ran out of yarn midway through chart B. I just cast off when I ran out of ran, because I do not tend to be overly controlling about my knitting. I have no problem casting of mid chart if the project still looks good, which I think it does.

I blocked the shawl to have a round edge versus points, as I usually wear this type of shawl bandanna style and I like the way the rounded edge drapes.

I am having some problems cutting the ties with this pattern. I currently have another one on the needles, hopefully to be cast off today. Its a gift for my aunt in a very fall colorway. I think I will have to take a break from the pattern after this project, but its so fun that it might sneak its way back into my queue in the not so distant future.

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