Thursday, August 27, 2009

FO: Pomatomus Socks

Cookie A is such a fun designer. I love her wacky, innovative sock patterns, they are so much fun. Pomatomus is no exception.

FO: Sunset Pomatomus
Pattern: Pomatomus, by cookie A. (free pattern!)
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare - Peruvian Highland Wool Fingering Weight hand dyed by Kristina and myself. A fun, but very smelly project ;)
Needles: Knit Picks metal DPNs. I loved working with these. I switched mid-project after snapping a bamboo needle in twain.
I started these socks back in March, and they have served as my go-to project between projects, and often got cast aside for other things. I waited a while between finishing the first sock, and casting on the second. Between this and the needle change, the second sock is a bit snugger than the first, but both fit just fine. I knit a lot more quickly and tightly on the metal needles than on the bamboo.
On the second sock I played around with the number of stitches grafted on the toe. In the above picture, the right sock is knit precisely as the pattern specifies. This makes for a very point sock. I have very block like non-pointy feeties. Only my big toe fits into the toe point, which sort of makes the whole sock twist a bit on my foot. So, on the second sock, I decreased less on the toe, and grafted more stitches. The sock is much comfier in the toe area as a result. In the picture above, my left foot is closer to the camera than the right, its not actually noticeably more giant than the right in person.

I had fun knitting this pattern. I think I would do it again, in a sock weight yarn. The fingering weight is enough smaller that the scales (which look like fans to me) have less pop and 3d texture than the ones I have seen on ravelry knit in sock weight yarn. I like using fingering weight because it produces a tighter, less slouchy sock, and slouchy socks are a bit of a pet peeve of mine. I might try the adaptation of this pattern to fingerless gloves, because I love the definition of the twisted rib in the sock weight yarn. In fact.... I have some new Dream in Color Starry that would be perfect for it.

Have a happy weekend!


Sarah said...

yea! you are back. The socks are beautiful--I think you need to give your mother a free lesson. I desparetely want to be able to knit socks.

Stacy said...

Very pretty!

Amelia said...

Buns, I LOVE that sock pattern. Similar to what I have planned for my back tattoo, , ,