Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sock in Progress

Kristina visited San Francisco this past weekend. We had an awesome time scoping out cool places to live in the Bay Area, playing cards excessively, knitting, eating delicious Burmese food and sushi, and walking about.

Kristina slumbers peacefully with a cake of DIC Smooshy Yarn in Pansy Go Lightly
Kristina brought me the most amazing gift ever. She knitted me an amazing wedding shawl, using Knitty's newish Aeolian Shawl in a gorgeous chocolatey brown, and with beads! It is both perfect and totally awesome. She is such an amazing knitter, and friend. I am so grateful to have her :) Thanks, friend.

Some sock in progress shots! The pattern is a freebie, Ring of Fire, by Kristin Kapur. This will be a Christmas gift for N's mom. Her foot is a bit larger than mine (about 4 sizes!) so I lengthened the heel flap quite a bit and am making a longer foot.


Kristina said...

I totally forgot to weave in the ends!!! Perhaps I will do that on the 3rd whilst the rest of the ladies bake some treats...

Syi said...

Your design is really great and I like the colors that you picked out.