Friday, November 13, 2009


I think its a widely recognized feeling in the fiber arts that part of the magic we feel is a connection to the past. A knowledge that we could make socks if all the sock factories in the world disappeared, just as women (and men!) did in the pre-industrial days. Knowing that the art we practice connects us to thousands of women all over the world, all across time is magical.

As a wedding gift, my aunt made me lace trimmed pillow cases. My grandmother was an avid knitter, a master of everything from the cable to the bobble to fair aisle. Another of her loves was lace trimmed linens, always pressed perfectly, and always in use. Another thing that makes knitting magical for me is using something so beautiful, and making something that is both inherently gorgeous and functional.

My grandmother passed away when I was fourteen, before I grew into a knitter. Knowing my love of knitting, and my Grandmother's, my aunt made me this gift in honor of my grandmother. She made and attached the lace, and wove in a ribbon to match the shirt my husband sported at our wedding.



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Love those! That is so thoughtful.

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How incredibly thoughtful and meaningful!