Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FO: Liliana's Socks

I uploaded the pictures for this post exactly seven days ago, and have not had a moment since to write the post! Between school, elementary school, holiday prep, and ignoring the dishes, things have been busy around here. Tomorrow I am cooking my first ever Thanksgiving and having 12 people in our wee apartment to celebrate. We have had that many people for dinners before, I am more worried about my ancient oven tackling the 20 lbs turkey.

FO: Liliana's Socks (for my MIL)
Pattern: Burning Rings of Fire, a free pattern by Kristen Kapur
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Sockotta Sock Yarn, purchased from Birds-N-Yarn
Needles: US 2 Knitpicks Options DPNs, my current weapon of choice for socks

I impulse bought this cotton blend while ordering some Lorna's Laces online. I do not know what came over me at the time, because I like neither cotton socks nor self-striping yarn. You know how enticing yarn sales can be, mystery items just appear in your cart. When the yarn arrived, it occurred to me it might actually be perfect for some MIL socks. I had a feeling she would like a cotton blend rather than 100% wool, since she tends not to get cold too easily.

Now that they are all bound off and blocked, I am a bit concerned they will be too small for her. I think I will try and block them again. I made the largest size indicated on the pattern, and knitted a longer heel flap and thus longer gussets, and knit an extra 1.25 inches into the foot of the sock. I will give them another block just in case, and then make N try them on for fit. The MIL's feet are rather on the larger side, which makes for all the more sock to knit!

I cast on these socks mid-August. They have since lived exclusively in my purse, acting as my bus and car knitting. I cast off about two months later, showing that time on the Muni bus need not be wasted. These socks will make their way to my Christmas knitting pile, which is pretty measly, but does include a hat for my Grandmother in law, and will hopefully accumulate a few more hats before Christmas rolls around.

Note to my neighbors: A top sign your neighbor is addicted to yarn is the erratic sticking of feet out of the bedroom window followed by a series of foot contortions, all of which said neighbor is simultaneously photographing with enthusiasm. Do not be alarmed. If you fear for the neighbor's sanity, the best course of action is to drop by with a care basket of chocolate and, um, more yarn.

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