Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mad Cowl Disease

I got a fever! And the only cure, is more cowls!

Cowls must be the perfect knitting project. Fast, portable, warm, snazzy. They make a great gift and add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Three FO's today- two were birthday presents and one was a random project for myself.

FO: Fair-Isle Cowl
Pattern: improvised
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, "Spring Tickle" and Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sock, "Sunflower"
Needles: US 2 circ's
Started: 11/17/09, Completed: 11/22/09

This was a birthday present for my good friend Sara. As always, the smooshy was AMAZING and I love the Miss Babs Sunflower colorway. This was good practice in fair-isle. I've been working on keeping the stranding looser so the stitches don't pucker. I think I succeeded!

FO: Checkerboard Cowl
Pattern: improvised
Yarn: Lily Chin Park Avenue Printed
Needles: US 6 circ's
Started: 11/13/09, Completed: 11/16/09

This cowl was a birthday present for another good friend, Savilla. It was pretty easy to make, and the results look great. The pattern, if you care to make it yourself, is simple:

CO 150 sts
Row 1-6: K5, P5 around x6 rounds
Row 7-12: P5, K5 around x6 rounds
Repeat these 12 rows for a total of 5 times or until length desired.
BO following knits and purls, weave in ends.

Last FO: Quick and Dirty
Pattern: Crofter's Cowl by Gudrun Johnston
Yarn: Catalina Yarns Baby Silk
Needles: US 8 circ's
Started and Completed: 09/26/09

I love this cowl. I think I grafted it one stitch off; it doesn't line up EXACTLY, but for me it's close enough. I pair it with a classy wool swing coat or just under a sweatshirt. I may or may not have worn it every day for the past few weeks...

It's the winter of the cowl. Time to cast on for more!


Pitty said...

I love it! Thanks again!!!!!!! xoxo

Rose said...

welcome back blogging buddy! as always, your FOs are gorgeous :)