Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feeling Green

In true San Francisco form, it is nearing the end of July, and all of the sun I have seen in the last ten days has been outside the city. I knit a lovely gray cowl, but its the color of fog, and I thought I could at least spice things up with a colorful FO post.

FO: Boomer Socks
Pattern: Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern, by Nancy Bush (Knitting Vintage Socks)
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in Happy Forest
Needles: US 2 Metal DPNs

I knit these socks starting in November 2009, and wrapping up in June of 2010. Essentially, I always have a sock going, but I tend to work on it in random spurts. I pick up socks in between projects, when I cannot decide what to do next, or all my WIPs are feeling bleh. I knit the first sock almost entirely back in November, all but the end of the foot and the toe. I cast on and knit the second sock in a few days this June. Given the time difference between the two socks, gauge is different in each sock!

One sock is much looser in the leg than the other, which is much tighter. Thank goodness my sister/sock recipient has one foot smaller than the other! This was a fun pattern, no mods. The mini-shells come off the needles so quickly, I found that the repeats were flying by in a very satisfying manner. That said, at this rate, I will never even start to make a dent in my sock yarn stash. More FOs to come, following today's windy and foggy photo session at Ocean Beach....nothing like a day at the beach in July where wool is actually needed for warmth!

Istanbul, my new favorite city

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