Thursday, December 18, 2008

The season continues

Union Square is one of those places when I think of San Francisco and the holidays. Filled with childhood memories of shopping, soft pretzels, the cider at Williams Sonoma, the Macy's window display, and the light up snowflakes on Sak's, this place at Christmas is jammed packed with enough nostalgia to give me the warm fuzzies for days. Aside from the fact that last Christmas season, N was pick-pocketed about 200 yards from here... still. I love Union Square at Christmas!

That's right. A Christmas tree, along side palm trees, and an ice rink that has to be frozen, since it does not freeze here :) Its been in the 40s this week, and egad, I cannot remember being so cold. Makes me want to stay home and knit all day!


Stacy said...

Oh, so pretty! Don't you just love places like that at Christmas!!

Pitty said...

booking my plane flight!