Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Malabrigo is amazing

Malabrigo combines buttery smoothness with luscious color and a soft, warm, squishy fabric. I think I am in love. I only have one skein, and it seems to be about 900 too few. I think I could happily knit with just Malabrigo forever.

I cast on a cowl in a twisted plait stitch pattern, and am lovvvvvvvvvvving the results:

Here is a peek at one of my knitting related Christmas gifts this year. My little sister, who is very much not into knitting, very sweetly braved a yarn shop, and picked out this gorgeous trekking for me. I have been wanting to try it (what could be better than 25% bamboo socks!?!?!) and now I can't wait to cast on!

And, for good measure, a puppy picture. Everyone could use a little puppy induced smile!


Pitty said...

soft and squishy!!

Stacy said...

Malabrigo can cure a bad day, it is that good. I think if there was only one brand I could use for the rest of my life, it would be Malabrigo.

The puppy is absolutely ADORABLE!! What a cute photo.

Wiggley said...

Mum found you on Ravelry. She said she's loving your cowl so far.

PBnJ said...

/runs in to squish your Malabrigo and runs out just as quickly.

bwahahaha! XD

Sarah said...

That twisted plait stitch is beautiful! I will have to try it.