Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FO: N's Hand Warmers
Pattern: Improvised
Yarn: Cascade 220 heathers in color #9465
Needles: US 7 dpns

These bad boys each spent about and hour and a half on the needles. Mega instant gratification knitting.
This is my first project with Cascade 220. Its soft, its squishy, its warm, and it is CHEAP! These hand warmers took what seems like less than half a ball, and the 220 is like 5 bucks to begin with. Awesomeness.

Overall, not much to say. Very simple, improvised pattern. Mostly plain old stockinette, with a little 2x2 rib at the cuffs. The project was requested by N, to keep his hands toasty while they are glued to the laptop (about 20 hours a day!)

That's all I have today....busy at work, busy at school, busy in life! Hope to cast on 3 new projects soon here...

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Susie said...

Love the handwarmers and your photos are wonderful!