Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My favorite fat cat, Ooddll (pronounced oodle.) Named by my sister after Oodle the safety poodle on the old Nickelodeon cartoon Rugrats. Sounds like an adorable little kid thing to do, but my sister was like 17 at the time, and being the adorable little random wiseass that she is. Love you sis! And we all love ooddll:

And some pictures of our Feb. 14 feast for N's birthday:


And a table set for 11, with some of the first course laid out:


Stacy said...

Such sweet looking kitty photos.

Pitty said...

Awesome dinner, love the kitteh! yay!

Sara said...

that is probably the only cat i've ever seen that made me want to squeeze it (usually i would be affraid of being clawed, but something about that pink nose say, "squish me"). also, that was an amazingly yummy dinner.