Sunday, February 22, 2009


Pictures of actual knitting! On a knitting blog! Unheard of.

And not the beret I mentioned in my last post, but another pair of Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets, for my friend Jess. Jess just started knitting, and has turned out a cute shorty scarf, and two hats! As soon as she started hats, she caught the knitting fever.

This cat is incredibly sweet, loves to warm your lap, and is hilariously ginormous. She is an active outdoor cat who runs around and pretends to hunt, but she is still huge. I think it adds to the cuteness.

Here is a picture of me wearing my symmetrical gauntlets, while knitting Jess's.

Yes, that is the same yarn, and the same pattern. Not the most scintillating knitting news. I made the first pair for me since I had never made fingerless gloves before, and I don't like to give away the first version of something. Its always full of those charming hand made flaws. Like those charming little holes where I started the thumb. I worked out that issue on the second gauntlet. Hence, the practicing on me!

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Susie said...

Lovely gloves and the color is gorgeous.