Sunday, September 20, 2009

FO: The Nantucket Purse

My friend recently sent me a picture of a FO I gifted her in action, and I realized I had never shared it on the blog.

FO: Nantucket Purse
Pattern: DROPS Cable Bag (free pattern!)
Yarn: Peru Naturtex Partners Pakucho Organic Cotton (mine was cheap on
Needles: US 10.5 Bamboo Circulars

I named this purse the Nantucket Purse for my friend Amelia who spends some time every summer in Nantucket. Here she is on her way from Nantucket to Boston, with the purse in action.

I love this pattern and this bag! My friend Jess added the handles and the sewn in lining. I did not like this yarn, it had almost no twist, and was splitty like crazy. I prefer cottons with a strong twist like Rowan cotton rope. The cotton was not fun, but I did love the outcome. Very slouchy and cool.


Amelia said...

I love that yarn as an owner of this item, ,,

Lanas said...

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