Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Block Party

I am a major blocking procrastinator. Last night, struck by sudden inspiration, I blocked 3 scarves I finished long ago.

From top to bottom: my first knitting project ever, in an eggplant alpaca boucle yarn; my second knitting project, a cable scarf in Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran yarn; and My So Called Scarf in ONline Linie 149 Rush.

Each scarf had a different blocking need. I was trying to block the ribbed Alpaca scarf for length, as it turned out short and wide. I blocked the cable scarf for width, it turned out long and curled in, pre-blocking. The So Called Scarf needed a good blocking because the nice, chunky yarn in the stitch pattern for the scarf created a suffocatingly dense fabric; I hope the blocking will loosen it up a bit.

I use the wet blocking technique, since I do not have a fun steaming device to use. I soak the piece in warm water, with a few drops Woolite, for 5-10 minutes. Then I pull out the knitting, and roll it up in a clean towel to remove excess water. Then comes the stretching and pinning, which I do either directly on my carpet, or with a sheet between the knitting and carpet. It usually takes 2-3 days to dry, even with a fan going, since I live in a very foggy and damp neighborhood.

My mom is a major contributor to my stash, and she gave me both the ONline Linie 149 Rush and the Alpaca Boucle.

I do love me some cables!

Some holiday cheer: a pecan pie, made last night: