Monday, November 24, 2008

Gratuitous sock pictures. And a cute dog.

Although I spent the majority of the weekend under blankets with a hot water bottle on my chest, we did head over to Berkeley to celebrate a friend's birthday with some fun at the park, Thai food, chocolate cake and scrabble.

Dave the Mountain dog was along, sporting some knitwear here, looking a bit like he should have rasta dreads:

Picture taken whilst swinging of the birthday girl:
and gorgeous Berkeley oaks:
~Knitting Update~

Blueberry scarf, destined to be a late birthday gift. Which is okay, the recipient already got an early birthday gift. Saviche, prepare to be inundated with blue wool :)
Monkey socks! Well, really, all but the toe of the first monkey sock. I appear to have an unending attention span for sock photography. The yummy yarn is DIC Smooshy, purchased from the online shop Sonny and Shear. I think Kristina put it best when she introduced me to Sonny and Shear, saying "They have all the good stuff!" Great yarn, hilarious ads, and a couldn't- be-nicer owner. This site has been my biggest temptation during this time of yarn dieting. That and the Noro Silk Garden close out at WEBS a few weeks back.

I love that the pattern on this sock continues down the foot. I can get a bit bored knitting stockinette in the round for five inches on teeny needles. This pattern breaks the monotony, and is pretty, too!


Stacy said...

Fantastic photos.... and I love that blue of the scarf.

Pitty said...

HUZZAH! THANK YOU ROSA!!!!!! I love it already. I hope you are feeling better :D