Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Pinkie

I have strange pinkie fingers. When I get grossed out, say, during a gross CSI autopsy, my pinkies tingle and go rather numb. When I first learned to type we were taught to press shift with the left pinkie to capitalize letters. I had to retrain myself later to press shift with my ring finger because after a couple capital letters, my pinkie goes stiff and numb. Very strange indeed. Lately, this stiff numbness, which comes with a bit of pain, has been occurring while I knit.

This is how I hold my knitting with my left hand:

I seem to curl my pinkie under the left needle to hold it up while I knit. I have two projects on biggish (US 10 and 10.5) needles, and the larger the needle, the more acute the pinkie problem. The pinkie problem lead me to cast on the green monkey socks on wee socky size 2 dpns. I have tried to loosen my grip with the left hand's fingers, but its not working so well, and slows down my already manatee-esque pace.

That blob above is my DROPS cable bag...almost ready to be delivered to my friend Jess and her sewing skills.

Here is my preferred lunch knitting spot, a roof top garden atop a galleria with shops and restaurants:

This is my favorite spot to spend my lunches, which will soon become impractical with the rain, but these past weeks its been up in the 65-70 degree range (did anyone order a large portion of climate change?!) but its starting to turn cooler.

Enjoy your Wednesdays!

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Also, you weirdo and your pinkies!