Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wavy Gravy Socks

FO: Wavy Gravy Socks
Pattern: Yarn Harlot's Basic Sock recipe with a couple mods. I changed the 2x2 rib to a 1x1 rib, and knit in the rib all the way to the heel flap. Additionally, I adjusted the number of stitches cast on, as I was using a chunkier yarn than sock yarn.
Yarn: Elann Superwash Chunky yarn, hand dyed by moi, using Easter egg dye
Needles: 3.75mm bamboo dpns

Please not that the ONLY instance of pooling in this haphazardly hand dyed yarn is smack dab on the top of the foot of the sock on the right (my left foot) in this picture. Why, oh why could it not have plunked its chubby pooling self on the bottom of the foot?

I cast on 48 stitches, making the circumference of the leg an inch smaller than the recipe calls for, as my first pair slouches around the ankles. These fit perfectly, and do not slouch. Slouching socks are one of my all time pet peeves.

I hand dyed this yarn, and thought it was not the purtiest thing in the world. It reminds me of an old, hippieish tie dyed t-shirt. I have to say, they do not look half bad knitted up! I actually kind of like the colors. Made from chunky yarn, these are slipper socks, and will probably not venture much into public. They are deliciously thick and soft, the perfect thing to ward off the chills of the fog.

And look at this handsome, noble mountain pooch:

love you davey... off now to cook up a storm, and perhaps cast on a scarf.


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Sarah said...

Your socks rock! And the yarn is actually very pretty. You must help me finish mine!

Pitty said...

I love Dave, even though he shit on my bag.