Friday, April 24, 2009

Does this look like a hat to you?

Cause it sure does not look like an effing hat to me:

Its not the raised up diamond shaped pouches or the pinched in part along the cast on that bugs me I suspect those could be taken care of with seaming and blocking.

It is the GIANT holes.

Giant. Gaping. Holes.

Part of the awesomeness of Veronik Avery's pattern is that there are no gaping holes in her short row technique because of the use of clever decreases that eliminate the holes.

But I have holes.

I hate holes. They make a hand-knit look shoddy and sloppy. Its totally my fault, too. I have seen two of these bad boys, made by Kristina in person, and countless others in pictures online. Those hats do not have holes. No gaping, giant holes. My YOs must be too loose or something. I knit on the looser side, and have noticed before that my YOs can be a bit loosey goosey.

No question about it, this is getting frogged asap. I have pulled all my hat patterns out of my big ole pattern binder, and this yarn will become a new hat. I really love Veronik Avery's pattern, and the results I have seen with it in solid colored yarn. I don't want to knit this up again in the same Malabrigo in case I have to frog again-- I do not want my lovely Malabrigo to get yucky from repeat frogging. Off to frog and re-start afresh.

Arboretum, Davis, CA:


Pitty said...


Sarah said...

Thank God. Now maybe you can understand my problems with holes!

Stacy said...

I heart baby ducks!! I hate gaping holes.