Monday, June 22, 2009

Back from Vaca

Back from vaca! I have been knitting so furiously on my Lichen Ribbed Socks that I have two throbbing puncture wounds on my left pointer finger. The sacrifices we make for the art!

I blocked and photographed my second crocheted hat, a gift for a friend moving to London in fall.

FO: London Diva Hat
Pattern: Darling Diva's Snow Day Hat by Kirsten Kapur (free pattern, would be great for beginners!)
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Brush, 80% alpaca, 20% acrylic , color 109 (main color) and Malabrigo Worsted Merino in Cornflower (trim)
Hook: Good old Boye, size I, shiny magenta.

I had almost completed this hat, all but the last two rows crocheted, when I ran out of yarn. I rustled through the top level of stash, and pulled out the Malabrigo Merino I used for the Cornflower Beret. The colors match well, and I like the visual contrast between the wispy Alpaca and the smooth Merino.

I just love giant flowers! They have these in Union Square, and I always found them quite enchanting. Something very Alice in Wonderland about the giant size of them. You can see my vast quantity of vaca induced freckles in this picture!

Not too much to say about this hat, since it is the second I cranked out. The yarn is quite warm, despite the openness of the fabric. I think it will make a super cute fall accessory for my girls in Boston and London!

And a few vaca pictures to share on this Monday morning... I love the California Coast...from waterfalls to old growth redwoods to white sand beaches, dolphins, and art galleries, the coast seems to have it all :)
Jellies, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Coast Art Gallery, Big Sur

The Lone Cypress, 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach

Julia Pheiffer State Park

Nepenthe, Big Sur


Sarah said...

Beautiful hat, Betsy will love it! My lace scarf is actually pretty, though I have had a hard time with some of the stitches.

Pitty said...

Pheiffer is one of the beaches that might close because CA cant get its shit together. Sad face. LOVE THE PICTURES. Miss NorCal gorgeousness.