Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Star Toe of Three Points

The fun thing about Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks is being exposed to older methods of sock construction I just don't see in contemporary patterns. Here we have the Star Toe of Three Points. I had to modify it a bit, since I had more stitches on the needle than the pattern specified. I simply added in a couple more repeats of the decreases.

The decreases are formed by p2togs and p3togs, which are placed in a way that forms a star made of 3 diamonds.
I am hoping that the p3togs flatten out a bit with blocking-- unblocked they are a bit bulgy. Overall, I like the look of it, and the construction seems good. The final stitches are not grafted together, but closed up like a hat. I am not sure about the stability of that...if its a problem I will go back and graft.
I tried to get some pictures that showed the star pattern, but the toe was quite baggy on my foot, so here is the toe on a bottle, and on an apple! Not quite human-like, but they give a general idea of the toe construction.
I am off on a short vaca, back next Monday or Tuesday...until then, please indulge my love of sharing photographs! Like a good knitter, I packed more yarn than is sensible, and more patterns than I will have time to knit up!

San Francisco, from my roof:
Artsy shot taken by N at Ocean Beach:

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