Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FO: The Boston Diva

As promised, I have a crocheted FO to share today.

FO: The Boston Diva
Pattern: Darling Diva's Snow Day Hat by Kirsten Kapur (free pattern)
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Brush, 80% alpaca, 20% acrylic , color 109 (gotta love that descriptive name)
Hook: Good old Boye, size I. I love the metal hooks in the lovely bright colors. My I hook is magenta.

I made the hat as directed, but wished I had made it just a hare smaller. It was a bit small for the head its pictured on here, but I think the recipient's head is a bit smaller than the model (model= my unlucky friends who stop by when I have FOs lying about.)

This hat took up about one hour of my time! I felt so speedy and productive. Not only that, due to the open nature of the clustered stitches, I was able to make one hat with about half of a 50g ball of yarn, which is often not the case with knitting! Its hard to get a whole hat out of a 50g skein, often.

I love knitting with Aplaca! Its so gloriously warm, soft, and fluffy! This hat, while holey and open, is quite warm. It will be keeping my best friend in Boston warm this winter! Happy early Birthday Amelia!
The crown, along side my current reading material, the ever entertaining Harlot:

This hat was pretty easy-- a suitable first crochet project. The only stitches used are the chain and the double crochet. I have not crocheted in years. I had such fun making this hat that I immediately made another one!
Thanks to Mariam for modeling!

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Stacy said...

I love the energy that comes with FOs! Beautiful work.