Monday, January 5, 2009

No Pics for You

It's 2009! Woohoo!!!

I'm on a little vacation in Northern California which means a LOT of knitting time. I put the finishing touches on a couple of projects today. The first, a pair of Mad Color Weave socks that I will be gifting to my mom, since the last pair I made her were ridiculously small. Whoops.

The second project is a pair of fingerless gloves of my own design. Sorry, no pictures. I have no way to upload them from my camera. I'm not sure if I will put up a pattern for them. I charted up half of it, but just improvised the other half, so we'll see. They are made with Dream in Color Smooshy though. I highly recommend it. And it only takes up about half a skein. I might try to get a pair of ankle socks out of the other half.

I have nine more days of vacation. Pictures will follow.

Happy New Year!


Pitty said...

YAY! GOOD! Sleep in, veg out and eat lots of delicious foods!

Stacy said...

Enjoy vacation.... relax and knit away!