Friday, January 16, 2009

Time Out

OMG Rose. You are going blog crazy and putting me to shame.

Just a quick timeout from my medical math homework (blech) to post a couple of pictures from my excellent vacation.
Here are my finished moss gloves. (Pattern may or may not be coming.) Dream in Color Smooshy is so amazing. These took less than half a skein of smooshy.

I finally finished my Mad Color Weave socks. It's funny how fast you can finish a pair of socks when it's one of the only projects you are able to work on.

I started and ALMOST finished a drops cable bag right up until someone said it looked like a Santa hat. The red with white accents looked much better in my head. In March. When I wasn't thinking about Christmas.
I think that's three strikes for the cable bag. It just wasn't meant to be.

If anyone knows what I can do with two skeins of Catalina Yarns Baby Pima (one red, one white) please let me know. And don't say a Santa hat.

Here are a couple of San Francisco teaser pictures:


Golden Gate Bridge

More on the vacation later. Back to Henke's Med-Math.

I'd rather be knitting.

1 comment:

Rose said...

you could make a stocking to hang on the mantle with care?

i want the fingerless gloves pattern:) I know I already asked, but I thought public badgering would help.