Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tofu Time

I have 1.5 Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets knitted up in some lovely alpaca, hopefully an FO post is coming soon!

One of my goals in 2009 is to cook more from recipes, and to cook more vegetarian dishes. I like meat, but its simply not healthy to eat it everyday.

Last night I tested out my first tofu recipe of 2009 and it was DELICIOUS! The recipe is from Epicurious.com, and is called Spicy Thai Tofu with Red Bell Peppers and Peanuts. I will certainly be making this again.

Today I broke out one of my favorite baking cookbooks, Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. Another goal for 2009 is to find a delicious and easy home made pie crust. I used the Pate Brisee recipe from Martha Stewart's cookbook as part of her Tarte Tatin recipe.

My crust did not quite have the structural integrity one looks for in a pie crust, but it tastes so good, so buttery, and the texture is flaky and good. I think with one or two more tablespoons water, this could be the ticket to delicious pie town.

The Tarte Tatin tastes ok...the caramel came out a bit bitter, and I am not sure why. The caramel called for a dash of lemon juice, and I might have over zealously dashed. Overall, the result is just okay. I will definitely make it again, aiming for more cohesive crust, and perhaps cutting back the dash of lemon juice. I must overcome the bitter caramel!

A couple more shots from the Botanical Garden, in Golden Gate park. I can't wait to go back during summer, if there were this many gorgeous flowers in January.

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Sarah said...

The pie crust actually looks better than the tofu! Anyway, I solved my problem with the baby blanket on the circulars. I had an epiphany driving home, and realized it could be the plastic needles causing the problems. I stopped and bought some bamboo circulars, and I am on my way. What a difference!