Thursday, May 7, 2009

Local Color

MMMM NEW YARN! And I can't blame Kristina for enabling me this time. The good new is I have been using yarn, and I donated a bunch of acrylic stuff, so the yarn in-yarn out balance is not out of whack.

I might have mentioned the need, the burning need, for socks? Yes. I treated myself to some new sock yarn after a rather rough bout of food poisoning last weekend. As a loyal Grumperina reader, I can't help but be curious about Lorna's Laces, as she eternally sings praise for the Shepard Sock Yarn. I even purchased my goods from Grumperina's fave Lorna's Laces Dealer.

I have made one pair of socks from self-striping yarn. At the time, I loved knitting with it, and watching the colors change, but did not love the final results. I swore that self striping yarn was not for me. Yet, what managed to find its way into my online shopping cart, alongside Lorna?

Yes. Self striping yarn. Its so yummy looking. Like a mango and strawberry gelato skein of luscious color! And I can't wait to cast on!

One of my classmates is preggy, so I cast on this hat for her soon to be baby in Berroco Cotton Twist. They don't know the sex, so I thought I would go with a gender neutral yellow, but its looking kind of feminine to me. Ah well, still cute! So teeny!

Last week I was lucky enough to play tour guide to some friends from Finland, along with a friend from the South Bay. Here are some shots of the glorious Golden Gate, which I find eternally photogenic.


Pitty said...

thats because it is the most gorgeous bridge anywhere! but you knew that. GORGEOUS YARNS! And I hope you are feeling better :(

Stacy said...

Really, the bridge pictures are fantastic!! Excellent work my friend.