Monday, May 4, 2009


In lieu of a longer and more interesting post, here is my WIP line up, which is actually not bad at the moment. There was a time when I was a monogamous knitter. One project at a time. Then one day I woke up, sullied by love affairs with different yarns, with 5 projects on the needles. These days I try to keep it a bit more under control.

Most knitters have some criteria for what types of projects they like to have on the needles at a particular time. I myself like to have at least one easy project, and one harder project on the needles at a time. Something interesting I can sink my teeth into, and something boring I can zone out to. Then I like to throw in quickie projects, like hats or fingerless gloves that quench the thirst for an FO while longer term items are on the needles.

The Clapotis:

The Pomatomous:

No picture, but I am on the foot of the first sock.


No picture, not much to report. I WILL get cracking on this at some point. Kristina and I started this as our own KAL, and hers is done and blocked. I am still on the inner lace portion. Oy. I had to frog a couple times, but I think I can do it this next time around.

Mental Queue:

3 Pairs fingerless gloves. One for me, one for a friend moving to London, and another to a friend in Boston.

SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS. I want to gift some socks this Christmas. Better get started now! I just ordered some Lorna's Laces from Birds N Yarn to move toward this end. Additionally, I have a ton in the stash. Perhaps about 8 pairs worth. I want fun patterned sock, plain vanilla socks, ribbed socks, boring socks, fun socks, the works. Right now, I just gotta have socks.

Shetland Triangle: I have the yarn, I have the book. Now I just need to summon my courage and conquer some lace.

A lovely gift from the mother, pictured below. A fun scarf book with some gorgeous patterns, all inspired by the ocean, and a couple skeins of super chunky Malabrigo. Perhaps a Cowl or shorty scarf should be added to the queue!

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Stacy said...

I keep thinking of casting on another project - a sweater - but go back to the baby blanket that is 60% done.