Friday, May 1, 2009


Knitting Discoveries:

Needle jackpot! A while back, I went to cast on a hat, and both my US 7 and US 5 DPN sets were missing a needle. A very annoying occurrence, since those are prime worsted knitting sized needles, and my intended yarn was worsted. I wound the yarn up, and never knit the hat, due largely to the needle shortage, and partly to the distractions of other projects.

Today I was knitting along on my sock, and put the needle down for just one mere second. Instantly the couch devoured the needle. I pulled up the cushion and reached to grab it, but somehow created a new crack for it to slip through back down into the innards of the couch. I cursed, pulled out all the cushions, and rolled up my sleeves. I tried to stick my hand in, but the springs from the couch were exerting too much pressure for me to get more than a finger tip in.

By applying all my weight to the springs a void opened up, and I was discovered the land of lost needles. Out came a size 5 DPN. Some more digging yielded the size 7 DPN. Some more digging, and I found my favorite crochet hook, which I did not know was missing.

Finally, a few minutes and two bruised hands later I found a remote control, circa 1999. A rare JVC specimen, it appeared I had found a remote from the nearly extinct VCR!

Then I found my sock DPN. A good haul, all things considered.

Non Knitting Discoveries:

I love exploring San Francisco's numerous and diverse neighborhoods. This week I started volunteering at a preschool in the outer sunset, where there are rows and rows of brightly painted stucco homes. And very grey skies, the outer sunset is right by the ocean.

I expected the neighborhood to be primarily residential, but there was a strip of lively shops.
I absolutely loved this awesome mural on what looks like a fun pizza place.

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Stacy said...

Woohoo for found needles!

And, great neighborhood photos.....