Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love travel. I love local travel, US travel, international travel. I like volunteering abroad, being a tourist, and being a local. I love exploring new places. I am always mentally planning more trips than I am knitting projects, and for a knitter, that is sayin something!

When I read blogs, I like to feel like a traveler. A glimpse into some one's knitting basket, their town, their music, their food, their way of life. I think that is why I love reading blogs not on a daily basis, but in chunks. I prefer to read a month or more in one go, versus a little bit each day. When I read the bigger chunks, I feel like I am traveling, in a way. The same sort of exploration, and exposure to some one's culture takes place. I love that!

This past weekend, I was talking to Kristina about the Yarn Harlot, and she said once school was over, she was going to do some major catching up. That got me thinking about what I like about blogs, since my response to Kristina was that I preferred reading a few months worth of entries at a time. Its that sense of exploration, and cultural exposure. Every knitter posts different pictures, discusses knitting in a different way, and shares random tid bits about travel, food, life, family, shoes, etc. I just finished reading the knit and tonic archives from the first entry to the most recent, and now I have moved on to through the loops. To me, its like reading a great novel.

Hoping to finish my clapotis tonight. Until then, please indulge my obsession with the following things: digital macro mode, flowers, and sharing pictures!

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Stacy said...

Rose, I love those photos!

I know what you mean about getting a glimpse of another life through a month or two of blog entries. It's a view of how someone else sees the world. And, there is glamor and mystery in that.

Happy Friday!