Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chili Nights

Last night I made chili and cornbread a la Crazy Aunt Purl. Delicious chili, and the recipe makes a huge pot. I lovelovelovelove cornbread covered in butter. United with chili, its a match made in heaven. We will be eating chili at my house for eons to come.
I have been on a big Purl kick lately. I bought smoothie ingredients and started making breakfast smoothies this week, inspired by her posts on this deliciously fruity breakfast item.
As much as it makes me feel like a little, creepy, I have read her blog cover to cover, as though it was a book (in my defense, it reads like one!), and just read her book. She is so easy to relate to, and so fun to read! I have been meaning to read the book forever, but kept putting it off since the "to read" pile of books is a ginormous beast, and things get lost easily! So I read it, loved it, and officially want to extend a non-creepy hug to Aunt Purl. And maybe bring her a casserole.
Anywho. Tomorrow night is craft night at mi casa, Jess is coming over for some knitting fun. Jess, I hope you like white bean chili, in massive vat-like quantity! Hopefully this will lead to some knitting pictures to share!

Corte Madera, CA Feb. 2008


Stacy said...

You sound happy - I love that!

jess said...

HECK YA I LOVE CHILI!!! MMM Get in my belly!