Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Beginings

Two new projects to report, one not yet cast on, and one very impulsively cast on.

Here is the yarn for my first real attempt at lace. I knitted about 60% of the Swallowtail before I finally admitted to myself that something was wrong, a la Yarn Harlot. First, I noticed I had one stitch to many on one row. I threw in a haphazard K2Tog, and thought all would be fine. It was, for a few more inches. Then it happened again. And again. Sometimes I would be over by a stitch and sometimes under. I could not see the errors in my work, I just knew they were there. And so it continued. I became disenchanted. The Swallowtail was placed in a time out in the back of the closet.

The Swallowtail has reemerged, awaiting frogging. I can't quite bring myself to do it. When it comes to me and lace knitting I seem to be dealing with a dichotomy that I haven't quite managed to control yet. On the one hand, I think knitted lace is gorgeous, versatile, phenomenal, and all around wonderful. On the other, I did not enjoy knitting on my Swallowtail. The yarn was nearly threadlike (KnitPicks Gloss Lace). The needles called for seemed so big compared to the yarn, it was a bit awkward for me.

However, my enduring love of the patterns I pour over online and in books continues. All I can think is "I want to do that!" And I will.

I am having my second go (which I am calling my first REAL go at lace to make myself feel better) with a yarn that is a tad beefier than the threadlike lace weight yarn I was using before. The yarn is amazing. I bought it at Imagiknit at a sample sale. Its Malabrigo 80% Merino, 20% Cashmere in a colorway that looks like its called "Stonechat" (the handwriting is a bit hard to read.) It is SO soft. The colorway is gorgeous and unique, and a bit different than I usually knit with.

It also is taking me ages to wind into a ball. I have neither a swift nor a ball winder, so its just me, a jumbo needle, and the back of a chair. It is slow going 45 minutes this morning, and all I have to show is a half wound ball. But look, so pretty!!

Here is my chosen yarn alongside my chosen pattern, Shetland Triangle by Evelyn Clark, published in Wrap Style. I had been coveting this pattern for ages, and my mom gave me the book for my birthday back in June.
Here is my impulsive cast on. The other day we were settling in to watch the Sharks game, and I did not feel like knitting on my Pomatomus socks, and all my other WIPs are in time outs (Swallowtail and Hemlock). I grabbed a skein of yarn, and started knitting a huge braided cable. I frogged several times before coming up with a simple pattern that focused on the cable. I did not want full ribbing on the sides but, but not plain garter stitch either.

So, behold my chunky monkey cream colored cable scarf. I don't love the way the braided cable warps the CO edge, but I was unable to find a solution without starting the cable much later, which I did not want to do.
I have two skeins of this yarn left, after about 6 skeins mysteriously appeared in my stash. I honestly don't remember exactly why I have this much Wool Ease Thick and Quick! I might use both, or I might make another short scarf with a button. We shall see. I will let impulse carry me.


jess said...

Oooh purty :)

Pitty said...

I love that your projects are in "time out" :)

Pitty said...

PS: GORGEOUS colored yarn!

Stacy said...

That red/green yarn is simply delicious! You are a lucky girl.

Sometimes frogging is a must... I hate that.