Tuesday, March 3, 2009


With some precious knitting time on my hands Sunday night, I sat down with an eye towards finishing my red beret. I am using Crazy Aunt Purl's beret recipe with some very soft mystery red yarn. Long since liberated from its ball band, the yarn is delicious, so soft, and delightful to knit with. I suspect its misti aplaca chunky, but there is no way to be sure. I only have one skein, which I hoped would be enough to complete the beret. It was not.

I got to the decrease portion of the hat, and knowing full well I did not have enough yarn to finish properly, I improvised, using drastic decreases to finish. I had to tie off the live stitches at the end using a spare bit of Noro. Needless to say, shortening the hat with drastic decreases and skipping the all knit rows between decrease rows did not result in a hat that resembled the slouchy beret I was hoping for. I tried it on, and looked like I had a Super Mario Brothers mushroom on my head. So I frogged, and the lovely red yarn is a cake once again. It is certainly enough yarn to make a beanie, but not a slouchy beret.

Today I finished one fingerless glove, and hope to get a chunk of the second done this evening. Until then, enjoy some more non-knitting pictures!

All taken in Golden Gate Park, January 2009.

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