Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunny Days

The hand painted pomatomus socks is so bright, this little photography session nearly cost me my eyesight. I am still seeing spots.

I am one repeat in, and already a little unsatisfied with some wee holes that crop up between the new scallop pattern emerges between the two above it. There are lots of YOs, resulting in gappy little holes along edge of each scallop. I am keeping my YOs as tight as possible and knitting very conscientiously, yet the gaps persist. Sigh.
Gaps aside, I still love this pattern. Its so pretty! The twisted knits really give stitch definition a little extra pop.
I will continue to work on the gaps. If anyone else has knit this pattern, and had the same problem, please let me know of any tips you have for solving it!
Today I return to my former work place, and celebrate another co-worker's departure. Celebratory blackberry cobbler in hand...
Happy Friday!

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Stacy said...

All of those photos have my brain (and salivary glands) overstimulated! Beautiful!