Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I covet Handmaiden Fine Yarn every time I go to a yarn store that carries the luscious stuff. I have been lusting after the Sea Silk for, um, 2 years now?

A 40% off sale at Knitterly inspired the acquisition of my first skein of Handmaiden yarn. It is Sea Silk, and it is heaven. I only have one skein, and have not yet decided what to make with it. I love it. Thanks Mom!!

When I left my job at the beginning of March, my org generously provided me with a lovely gift certificate to Imagiknit. I headed there Sunday with my Mom, the gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket. Must. Have. Luxury. Yarn. Now. I went with the intention of picking up a Nancy Bush sock book (which I did, Knitting Vintage Socks) and some Clapotis yarn. I know I am a bit late (5 years!) on the Clapotis bandwagon, but I nonetheless love the design. Plus, I did not knit back then, so it did not enter my radar until a year and a half ago.

Picking out yarn at Imagiknit is nearly impossible. They have every gorgeous yarn under the sun (and even a few exclusive yarns, like the Malabrigo cashmere lace I picked up last time), shelves upon shelves of books, and a lovely sales staff. I picked up yarn after yarn that would have made a gorgeous Clapotis, and even carried a choice three skeins around the store for about 20 minutes before coming across a basket of Handmaiden's Casbah sock yarn. 81% merino, 9% cashmere, and 10% nylon, this stuff is so silky, so soft, and saturated with an incredible and subtle range of blues. It was love at first sight and soon to be my very own Clapotis!

Its not stash enhancement if I spent no $$$, right?


Pitty said...

lol love it. Yay yarn sales!!

Stacy said...

If you spend no money, it doesn't count. I agree 100%!! Beautiful!