Thursday, March 26, 2009


Right now I should be cramming a billion different drugs into my system (via studying that is) but I think I will post a few pics of my recent stash enhancements. Rose is such an enabler. I never see her without somehow adding yarn to my stash. We went to my LYS, Suzoo's Woolworks in Costa Mesa, only to find out that they are closing! SAD FACE!!! Please go support Suzoo and help her liquidate her stock so she can get out from under the rent. (Everything is 30-50% off, including Claudia Handpaints!) I think she said that someone was interested in buying the business, but it will be an online store only. Suzoo, your store will be missed!

Here are a couple of my purchases:

Claudia Handpainted Yarns, Fingering Weight, Butter Pecan

Austermann Bambou Soft, Worsted Weight, Color 019

Frog Tree 100% Alpaca, Sportweight, Color 61

And here is a little teaser of an FO:

Go ahead, guess what it is.


sara said...

a dave beret.

Pitty said...

I mean really, you were just helping stimulate the economy. So as a citizen, you were just doing your duty buying all those yarns!

Stacy said...

I agree with Pitty. You are a patriot. Love the yarn!!