Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busier than Bees

I got back from class last night and finished up the second mitten of the gray/blue pair while watching Without A Trace. The second mitten is amazing. I figured out how to fix my ladders! I had been pulling so tightly between dpns trying to make it look normal when really, that was my problem! So I loosened up on the first stitch of every needle and now it looks a lot better. There's only one problem. The first mitten is much tighter than the second. And the thumb on the second mitten fits perfectly, but the first thumb looks much higher and strange. I swear I didn't use two different sized needles. So strange. Poor David. He always gets my crappy intro-to-technique-prototype-the-next-ones-turn-out-so-much-better knitted things. One day I'll make him a nice sweater. But let's not tell him right now and get his hopes up...

I cast on for the last mitten last night too. Only two days until gift time. I'm not gonna make it! Tonight I have to do a crapload of homework (write one rough draft, read a chapter and write 3 short essay question answers about it) and tomorrow night I have class from 5:30-9:30 (after working from 8-5).

Dear School,

I think we are spending too much time together. Please back up off my grill. I mean, I like you, but I don't LIKE LIKE you. Tone it down or I think we might have to see other people.


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