Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wee Brûlée for a wee Ukranian

Wee Brûlée
Pattern: Brûlée Scarf by Skrilla Knits
Yarn: Tiur by Dale of Norway (sport weight 60% mohair 40% wool)
Needles: 3mm bamboo straights

Please forgive myself and the wee scarf for getting ridiculously carried away with a photo shoot out the window of my work's third floor library. I was on my lunch break, but still, taking photos leaning out a window while posing a scarf on the ledge.....lets hope no coworkers spotted me.

The yarn is quite fuzzy; the mohair makes it a bit scratchy. I am hoping the mohair softens a bit in the blocking process. This is my first time blocking, and I forgot to buy pins today, so hopefully I will start tomorrow!

I was instantly attracted to this pattern because it is named after one of my favorite desserts, and I decided to knit it for some simple car knitting. The pattern is simple, but the crochet shell trim lends a fun, girly feel. I started my adult crafting madness with crochet, but quickly abandoned it as I learned the versatility and variation of knitting. Before I learned to knit I told myself that I loved to crochet and would continue doing both equally as a took up knitting. Quickly, the hooks fell to the bottom of an tote bag at the back of the stash, and I started ordering knitting needles on ebay like a maniac (all sizes for 10 bucks! Who cares if they are a little to bendy...at that price I could not resist.) This pattern made me pick up my hook once again, and frankly, I had fun! It was a nice way to clean up an edge. My scarfs often flare at the corners for some reason (something I should probably learn to correct with blocking) and the shell stitches hid the flare and made the whole thing look finished.
I found my buttons at Britex, a four story sewing haven that is filled with such beauty that I bought a roll of remnants despite not knowing how to sew or having a sewing machine. There is a whole wall of fabulous buttons, where I found these little shells.

This scarf is destined to belong to a 3 year old in Ukraine, so I wanted to add a touch of fun in the buttons. For some reason these shells captured my attention, and reminded me of something I would have liked as a kid. Hopefully she will love them!

That thing just wouldn't stop posing...cheeky scarf.

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Mariam said...

This is such a cute scarf...I am sure the wee Ukranian will love it!