Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Best. Weekend. Ever.

I made a batch of Amish Friendship Bread to take to the bride's family's house Friday morning to help feed the hoards of 20-25 year olds descending upon their house. A co-worker gave me a starter bag for the bread, and I love it! I remember having the starter as a kid, and loving the results. The bread tastes like a banana bread textured snickerdoodle, and flashes me nostalgically back to the third grade. Every time you make a batch, you end up with 4 starter bags--one to keep and three to give away. Kristina, I hope you guys love yours! Tomorrow is ingredient adding day :)

Now for some fiber fun! The bride let Kristina shop for one of my maid of honor presents, and she picked some gorgeous goodies. The fiber is from alpaca direct, and the spindle is breathtaking.

Here is the spindle alongside a hibiscus bowl from Kona, painted using a lost wax technique.

I gave spinning a try Monday night. For my efforts I was rewarded with a lump on my left shin (not totally in control of the drop-spin part yet) and some incredibly uneven yarn--thin as lace weight in places, and thicker than bulky in others. Despite the uneven results, I love it! I made it! I hope to do some reading up on the subject and give it another go this weekend.

My best friends are married! To each other! It was wonderful to see them so happy, surrounded by 160 friends and family glowing with pride and sharing their happiness. ps. I made those bouquets!

And we tried to take a sock picture, we really did, but something in the execution failed. You can see a wee bit of a drunken bee sock...

rosa out...

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