Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wedding Weekend

(happy couple) (thrummies) (me and the bf)

This weekend Rose and I were at our friends' wedding. It was AMAZING. We had ridiculous amounts of fun. Good food, good friends and the most rockin' dancing imagineable. We meant to take a travelling sock picture at the wedding, but there was no time.

The last of the thrummed mittens was started and completed on Friday. The recipients of the mittens (moving to Massachusetts in a couple weeks) were really excited and "may never take them off between November and February."

On the plane ride home I started a pair of Juniper Mitts (ravelry link) with a skein of Catalina Yarns Baby Silk, magic looped on my Bryspun 6's. This stuff is HEAVEN. I can't even describe it. Just go buy some. Trust me. These mitts are ridiculously quick. I would have finished one in just a few hours, except I want to add fingers to them and I didn't have any dpn's. Actually, I don't even have size 6 dpn's. I wonder if 5's would work...

Speaking of work, I don't wanna work! I just wanna knit on my sock all day!

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