Friday, August 15, 2008

Project Runway, Here I Come

The fruits of my sewing labor!!! An especial thanks to ms. sara for talking me through my bobbin winding crisis a couple weeks ago. Very helpful...I have now even troubleshot a terrible clogged bobbin fabric rumple back tracking crisis.

Sewing FO: My first project (since that delightful one pice jumsuit skort I made when I was ten. No, that is not a joke. I wore it on the first day of fifth grade.)
Scrap Tote
Pattern: Simple Tote
Designer: Lotta Jansdotter (Simple Sewing)

This scrap fabric tote bag (see the paisley in its original context in my Drops Cable Bag) is about 16.5 inches tall. It can easily accommodate a small amount of groceries (the bottom is reinforced with 2 layers of fabric), books or magazines, or knitting projects! It will likely become my new living room project bag that I use to hide the projects I am ignoring at the moment (swallowtail and a sock, at the moment).

The paisley fabric comes from a great shop in Petaluma, the Quilted Angel, a quilter's version of the coveted LYS. All the fabrics they stock are cottons (my preference in fabric) and they have a wonderful array of patterns and prints. The stripey fabric at the bottom is from Fabrix, on Clement Street here in SF.

In the below picture you can see some unevenness in my seaming...its the homey touch.

Overall, I love this bag, despite its quirks (aka mistakes!) I think its a handy size, and will be very useful for car trips and such.

Here is a strap, with a close up of the fancy stitch I used for the strap seaming on my sewing machine.

Picture of the day: Buttons!

This is my haul from the huge bin 'o' buttons at Fabrix. I don't think I bought a single practical button. I can't decide if I have grandma or little kid taste in buttons.

Have a happy weekend! I know I will, eating my way through the city with Kristina, Sara and co. :)


Kristina said...

Big city, here I come!

Jess said...

sweet tote! it came out excellent considering its your first sewing project! woo!