Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bag Parade

We have bags! My effort to learn how to sew while simultaneously spicing up my bag life continues, with the following results:

I sewed a liner with a pocket into the first bag I made. There is some bunching at one of the liner's seams, so I might go back and rip it out, but I might not. At the moment, the bag is housing the materials for my 3rd turn a square hat.

My yummy Asian print bag is completed! My reversible bag with bottom panel action was a success!

The fat bottomed bag has a fall colors side, and a cool purple, green and blue side.

I loooove it!

This is my new purse of the moment, and all my junk has been transferred into it. Its a good size (12" wide x 9" tall, with 22" handles.)

Now in the works is a slightly larger bag, in a red and black Spanish fan print:

In this same fabric I have a skirt cut, pinned and ready to sew, but I thought I would continue to practice on bags for a bit (read i am now addicted to bags. If you know me personally and are female, expect one at Christmas). I bought a bunch of small bits of fabric to make piecework pillows, but I fear they might succumb to the bag craze.

And a little taste of the season from a Sonoma County farm...enjoy your weekends!


Stacy said...

Love, love, love that red fan fabric!!! Fantastic (pun intended)!

Kristina said...

i love the colors of that first bag. mmm, delicious.