Friday, September 19, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

I am going on vacation! I will be back in just over a week. Here is a pre-vacation WIP log:

Hemlock Ring Blanket... Kristina and I are supposedly doing a knit along, but I am falling behind. This is where it currently lives, stashed under an end table.

I haven't even reached the feather and fan portion yet.

The Swallowtail.
Sigh. I am not sure I love lace knitting. In fact, I know I don't like it, I am just not sure why.

The yarn is KnitPicks gloss lace weight in sterling.

I just hope its purty once its all blocked and done with. Which will hopefully be soon after I return from vacation.

Here is a sort of WIP, mostly FO. Its my third Turn a Square Hat. This one is made with Bernat Natural Cashmere blends in a dark grey, and Rowan Natural Silk Aran in Indigo for the contrast color.

The recipient of this yet to be blocked hat is one of my vacation cohorts, so I will get some good pictures of it in action this week, perhaps side by side with my first turn a square hat!

Here it is, squashed flat on my couch to reveal some of its squarey-ness.

Here are two not yet but soon to be WIPs.

On the left, some Berroco cotton twist for some baby booties. The baby was born a few days ago, but will have to wait a bit for the booties. I forgot to pack this, so its post vacation knitting.

On the right, some super chunky Wool Ease by Lion. For my dear friend Mariam's bday, I promised her the knitted item of her choice. She has requested a chunky ribbed scarf with a big old button, modeled after the Fossil's Mia scarf. The faux mia and my sock will be my vacation knitting.

Happy knitting :)



Stacy said...

I left you a little blog love over in my blog!

leah said...

A few months back I made a swallowtail using that same yarn and color. It turned out super! I think you will be pleased with the result!