Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where has my knitting gone?

First and foremost--knitting news (this is a knitting blog, isn't it?!?) I frogged my third Turn A Square hat because I did not have enough grey yarn to go on, and the Noro was turning a gorgeous shade of pink and magenta, but the recipient is a man who does not love pink and has a firey red beard... not sure hot magenta would look so awesome.

Good bye first Noro project (in its third iteration)..... I loved you so. I will move on to some more grey stash yarn, and throw in some Rowan natural silk aran (same as my cowl) for the stripes. I am visiting this mountainous recipient this weekend, so hopefully I can get most of the hat done on the car ride there.

In sewing news...

My bag plan seems to be working. I wanted to make a small reversible tote, with a bottom panel that I can use as a fun purse. My plan was to make two bags sans handle, of the same measurements, then put there wrong sides together, and sew the top.

This is completely fly by the seat of my pants, and it seems to be working. I labored over how to sew the bottom panel in last night, and after an hour we had this:

I love the sewing. It has such a different process that knitting, but is still as just as intensely process oriented. In sewing it seems to be in the prep, the geometry, the pressing, the pinning, the cutting. The actual time using the machine has comprised a surprisingly small amount of my sewing time--its mostly prep.

Did you know Chinatown is colorful and vibrant on a dark morning at 6am? Please forgive crappy was early...

PS. Dearest Swallotwail, I have not forgotten or forsaken you. I have come to the conclusion that lace knitting might not be my favorite kind of knitting. Perhaps I will like knitting lace in a chunkier sock type weight. I will finish you, I will. --rosa

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