Friday, September 5, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a Sock!

Some cultural fun in the sun (ITS HOT IN SF!!!) yesterday... Sock Numero Dos and I hung out in the Civic Center Plaza before meeting up with a friend to check out the Ming Dynasty art exhibit at the Asian Art Museum.

I loved the exhibit-- it had tons of landscapes and portraits I studied in the college days that I had never had a chance to see in person. The brushstrokes and compositions of the landscapes are phenomenal! There were some intricate and beautiful textiles too-- batik type dyed fabric as well as detailed embroidery. I have actually never been to this museum at all, a travesty considering I have lived within an hour of it for all 24 years of my life. I will definitely be going back.

Now on to sockier business... here are some awkwardly snapped pics of my sock. I was wearing it while trying to photograph it from different angles, leading to some odd contortions and struggles with the pillow I was using as my back drop of sorts.

Here is my heel flap:

Gusset and foot:

After I was done grafting, I made a small knot before weaving in my end. Lo and behold, the knot drives me crazy, and I will have to take it out and figure a better way to secure my ends. Suggestions welcome....

And a quasi view of the whole thing:

Some GORGEOUS sunset pics snapped my mi padre, overlooking San Francisco. I have lens jealousy. I want a big lens for my slr!!! I was trying to snap some pics with my small camera, but they all came out grainy.


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