Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A week in photos

Fantastic camping at Kirby Cove last weekend:

REUNITED, and it feeeeels so good! SoCal this weekend...

Kristina, cranking out approx 76% of a sock in a couple hours. Oh how I am jealous of her marlin like speeds.

Kristina's bestest handspun yet:

My first sock, seen here enjoying some good times at the LA airport.

I have decided self striping yarn is not my favorite. I love all the colors in this yarn, but wish the skein was solid, or just maybe two of the colors. Also, as seen above, my first attempt at picking up stitches was a bit loosey goosey... a technique to master in the future, perhaps on sockie numero dos.

My first heel flap!

And here is some laddering in the ribbed cuff. Hooray blue socks! These are destined to replace my ugly grannyish house slippers, a much needed wardrobe addendum.

Today I hope to graft my first toe, and then, first sock will be done! I have really enjoyed learning the construction of the sock, and am excited to test the waters with some fabulous Cookie A. patterns in the future.


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Sarah said...

You are showing a little too much cleavage Missy!