Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yes. That's how my stomach feels.
*note to self: having pizza + coke for 2 of 3 consecutive meals is PROBABLY a bad choice. Especially when the third meal is only toast.

Too many bread products! I need a ::insert fruit or veggie here:: STAT!!!

I know I said I would reveal a secret on Monday, but... I'm a liar. I need to upload my pics first, and since I'm at work at the moment that is getting put off until later tonight or tomorrow (if I am not too busy having a Heroes-a-thon and fixing my razor cami, more on said cami later).

To keep you entertained, have you been reading the Purl Bee- blog of the freakin amazing store Purl Soho whose California warehouse I am fortunate enough to work within 5 miles of? Go check it out, I'll wait...

Aren't their yarns/fabrics fantastic? If only I had a million dollars. Rose and I had a conversation this year at Stitches West about this. It went a little something like this:

me: There is so much good stuff here! I wish I had a million dollars.
Rose: Me too!
me: But if I had a million dollars I would feel guilty buying a million dollars worth of yarn. I would probably end up spending it on rent and food and paying back loans.
Rose: This is true. Maybe if we had a million dollars in gift cards.
me: And we could only spend the gift cards on yarn. Yeah, then I wouldn't feel so bad.

So basically, if anyone has $1 million worth of yarn and/or fabric gift cards, feel free to send it on over my way.

If you have any spare fruit or veggies lying around, I'd take those too.

p.s. I totally got sidetracked from my Purl Bee story. Check out this post. Those iron on transfer pencils are so cool! One day iron transfer pencil. One day you will be mine.

Here's a gratuitous pic of a Hawaiian sunset I took last Christmas (because I hate when my posts don't have pictures).

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Stacy said...

I love this post! It totally cracked me up!