Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Among the things I love

Among the things I love is architecture. This could be because I am a MASSIVE art history nerd. Digression: a couple years ago, I was reading the Yarn Harlot and she said "Am I the only one that thought Art History would pay off?" I totally lost laughing it because, yes, I too thought it would pay off. While it has not paid off in a professional sense, it has enriched my appreciation for everything from walking down my own street to travel to museum going. I love all kinds of art, and architecture is no exception. I think there is something wonderful about beauty in such a functional object.

Buildings define so much of our lives, its truly amazing when they can embrace both functionality and beauty, bringing pleasure to mundane aspects of life. Being inside a spectacular building can be an almost overwhelmingly awesome experience-- Notre Dame comes to mind in this sense.

The following are no Notre Dame, but buildings or elements of buildings that struck me as interesting and aesthetically pleasing. To make something we HAVE to use on a daily basis pleasing and pretty I think is one of the greatest gifts of art. Everyone can use more beauty in their day to day lives!

An Italian restaurant in Vancouver, BC:

The steps of Parliament, Victoria, BC:

Frank Gehry's building for the Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA:

Public library, Seattle, WA:

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