Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vacations are delicious!

To echo Kristina's post from yesterday, vacations are scrumptious. I really feel that eating local, delicious food gives you a feel for a place and its culture. Plus, I love food!

In Vancouver we hit up the Granville Market, a bit like San Francisco's own Ferry Building.

It was fall in Vanouver, with leaves in array of gorgeous fall colors that are totally absent from life in the temperate Bay Area. Leaves outside the market:

Part Farmer's Market and part more preferment local merchants and eateries, the market had treats at every corner. We basically bought whatever looked delicious from stunning salmon to French onion soup to butter tarts to boba tea to stuffed peppers, and the list goes on!

Gorgeous dragon fruit:

There was one vendor selling deliciously soft, but very pricey hand spun Alpaca. You can even see some pictures of their Alpaca in the background!

The market boasted the freshest of fish:

Pincushion Protea, my favorite tropical flower:
And dahlias, another favorite (I do love most flowers though!)

In Seattle we hit up the famous Pike's Place Market, where we bought shrimp and crab, to be devoured with a crusty loaf of fresh olive bread. Touristy though it is, the market has fantastic treats, from the shouting sea food vendors to the amazing shop Piroshki Piroshki.

It was a delicious week in the Northwest! I have had to wean my self back down to normal eating habits!

Most of these pictures courtesy of our awesome slr camera and N's photo skillz.

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Stacy said...

Don't you just love looking at pictures of your vacation and thinking again how wonderful it was? The wallpaper on my computer is rotating shots of Italy - I can't keep one photo up too long as there are so many wonderful shots!