Friday, October 3, 2008

Mas Ropas Por Favor

...ropas means clothes right? My spanish is a little rusty. Back to the point:

I was browsing the website of a pretty popular clothing store this morning, let's call it "the Snap" (sister companies include "Mold Gravy," "Sniperlime" and "Shmashmana Reshmublic"). These nicknames make it sound like I hate this company but in fact, I love them. Earlier this year I went on a wardrobe replacement shopping spree to replace a lot of my junky college clothes (that I'd had since high school even) with more mature and versatile pieces. Well, I tried anyway. Who's to say if it actually worked. But I really only got spring and summer type items and I really only shopped at the Snap and Mold Gravy. For some reason they fit me just right. Even pants! --shocking!!!--
I was browsing their sale items and came across a lovely little cotton/cashmere sweater - 3/4 length sleeves, 3 little buttons on the shoulder, very chic. Unfortunately, they were out of my size. I guess that's a good thing since I am saving up money for school. But now I can't even find it on the website. It is completely sold out. (The pic is very similar, just not a cardigan.) I think I might go to my local Snap store and see if I can find one. It's too bad such a fine gauge is such a pain.
Random new topic: I need to take pictures of my new Argosy yarns. I may or may not have mentioned already, but Argosy yarns ( rock my socks off. You'll see. There will be jealousy (hint: cashmere + silk). Sorry in advance.

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Stacy said...

I was on the Snap's website today. I have two things in my shopping basket but can't make the commitment to buying them. I think I might hit up the Mold Gravy sale tomorrow....