Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Love My Stash sometimes I like to treat it to nice things. Walks on the beach, romantic meals, you know, show my love for it. This time I bought it a very luxurious purchase from Argosy Yarns that I am DROOLING over. Two skeins of Haiku 2 ply (cashmere/silk laceweight) in "Seafoam" that are destined for glorious things. Unknown glorious things, but finding the right pattern is half the fun. Have I told you lately that I love Argosy Yarns? It's everything that I would like to be. Melissa at Argosy is the most generous person in the world. You'd have to be to have the inner strength to fork over any of these yarns. Also, she always throws in a little something extra to let you know that your purchase is appreciated. Well, the two times I've splurged and bought something, she's given me a token of her appreciation. This time it was two skeins of Zen 2 ply (100% cashmere laceweight) in "Natural." Perhaps a lacy little shawl, or a lacy little cowl, or some lacy little fingerless mitts... it's gotta be lace. Oh the possibilities.

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Stacy said...

You are a lucky girl! I know what you mean about loving your stash. I need to play with mine soon in hopes of finding just the right stuff to help tie a quilt.