Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I finished my first sweater! Well, I guess technically this is my third sweater. The first two being a set of Christmas Sweaters I made a couple years ago out of some nameless acrylic. But it's the first sweater I've made for myself. Note to self: make more things for me. I somehow end up gifting all of my knits. Odd...

FO: Ms. Neiman
Pattern: Neiman by Ann Weaver, featured in knitty, fall 2007
Yarn: MC - Fibranatura Baby Merino in white, about 5 balls
CC - Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in turquoise, 1.1 skein (what should I make with the other .9 skein?!)
Needles: US 3 circ and dpns, US 2 circ and dpns
Cast on 09/26/08, Bound off 1o/27/08

No real mods. One accidental embellishment: I knit one row of the chart twice and didn't discover it until about 4 rows up. It's not that noticeable so I don't really care. The top row of blobs is a little more egg-shaped than the bottom row. Whoops. You can see it in the first picture. As of now she has not been blocked. I'll post modeled shots when she is.

I am excited to wear this baby out. I am hoping to block it a little bit bigger as it is quite curve-hugging, but either way I love it. Also, I've found that if I hold both yarns in the same hand as I fair-isle, my gauge stays pretty even and my floats are just about the perfect length. In past attempts (pre-Ravelry) my end stitches would be way too tight and it was all puckered. Hopefully those days are now behind me. Perhaps I should invest in a strickfingerhut aka knitting thimble. Gotta love that Norse ingenuity.


leah said...

I gift a lot of my projects too! This sweater is awesome!

Rose said...

so purty! i loove the color work. as i might have mentioned before (with some new adds) it reminds me of: skiing, winter, cocoa, switzerland, chalets, ear muffs, and maybe the olympics. Nice work!

Pitty said...


Sarah said...

It is beautiful! Once again you have made me very jealous.

Kristina said...

thanks guys!!! you really make me feel the love. =)

Stacy said...

Oh, it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! Take a picture of it on you please.... I am sure you will look wonderful.